Shoot Like A Pro: How to Take Great Photos With your iPhone

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Shoot Like A Pro: How to Take Great Photos With your iPhone

Josh Stone
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What’s the difference between these two photos?

Other than the slight pose change, what else is different?

What about these two photos?

Same canyon, different perspective

Obviously, one of them looks a LOT better.

What’s not so obvious is how to make this happen.

You probably think that you need:

  • Years of training
  • Expensive lenses
  • Complicated editing programs
  • Gorgeous subjects
  • Flawless scenery

That stuff is nice, and if you have all of it—plus a little luck—you can create some excellent pictures. But what if I told you that you don’t need *any* of that to create pictures that get tons of likes, shares, engagement, and really bring the subject to life…

All you need is your iPhone, an hour or two, and the desire to capture the beauty of your surroundings in stunning detail and incredible perspective. You can finally learn how to…

Shoot Like A Pro: How to Take Great Photos With your iPhone

The camera on the iPhone is incredible.

It has a wide-angle lens for amazing architectural photography, a telephoto lens for great macro pics, and a portrait mode that rivals anything you can find in a high-end studio.

And it comes with amazing editing software that’s as intuitive as it is powerful. As an architect, I’ve been taking high-level photos for years, and I’m still blown away by what the iPhone can do.

I used to go hiking in the Colorado mountains for fresh air, relaxation, and of course, to get some amazing photos. I always carried my canon 6d, 17mm tilt-shift lens, a tripod, and a backpack full of batteries and accessories.

Sure, I would have loved to use my iPhone, leave all the equipment at home, and enjoy my hike, but I pride myself on taking professional-level photos, and nothing I saw from iPhone pictures impressed me.

The technology was there, but something was missing.

This is an ok photo, but it has the potential to be really excellent with a few tweaks...

The California discovery that changed everything I thought I knew about photography...

Once I had a quick trip to southern California and saw a cool-looking sailboat that made me want to snap a photo.

I didn’t have my fancy equipment, but I did have my iPhone. I bit the bullet and took the photo anyway, but I tried to apply what I knew about taking professional photos to shoot photos with my phone.

I didn’t think it’d look like much, but I was blown away. When I looked at the photos later, I actually had to remind myself that I shot this photo with an iPhone and not my $5,000 professional setup.

Taken with an iPhone. You'd never know if I didn't tell you. 

What was the difference between my iPhone photos and the photos of everyone else who took pictures that were ok, but they didn’t pop and really catch your eye?

The difference was me! 

The difference was everything I’d learned about lighting, symmetry, color, and how to bring it all together. I understood how to take great photos and turn them into masterpieces during editing.

It's not the technology!

It doesn’t matter how powerful the zoom is or the level of detail that it can capture—it’s still just a machine.

The machine, by itself, with all of its technological bells and whistles, takes good photos. But it’s the ability and knowledge of the cameraman behind the camera that makes a photo great.

Who am I to teach you how to shoot beautiful photos with your iPhone?

Me at The New School University Center (NYC)

  • I’m not an influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram. I barely have hundreds.
  • I’m not a travel blogger who tries to wow you with my stunning photos of my lavish laptop lifestyle. I still work 50 to 60 hours a week, and much of it is in person.
  • I’m not a tech geek who hopped on the latest trends before everyone else. I didn’t even want to use the iPhone camera.

I’m just a guy who makes a living photographing and designing beautiful buildings and structures. For the past 16 years, I’ve been a construction superintendent & project manager, interior designer, and general contractor.

I got my Master's Degree in Architecture. I extensively studied architectural photography, "En Plein Air" landscape painting, color theory, and drawing.

I also designed or worked on:

  • The New School University Center (NYC, NY). New York Times architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff called it "a celebration of the cosmopolitan city." 
  • Clark’s Oyster Bar (Aspen, CO). The restaurant's 2nd location. My team fully restored its mahogany bar while maintaining its dockside aesthetic.
  • The Trinity School (NYC, NY). My team has been working continuously with the school since 2012 to execute a complicated renovation and expansion.

  • Hotel Denver (Glenwood Springs, CO). I was project manager for the renovation of 10 hotel rooms used as office buildings and two retail spaces. 

I’ve taken my years of experience shooting photography that not only has to be visually appealing but sell an idea and adhere to a standard. I’ve made it super easy for anyone to learn so their photos can have a sparkling professional shine.

"I learned that anyone can take good photos with a couple of tricks. I learned about the extra iPhone camera settings you can activate and how to use them as well as color theory and the rule of thirds amongst other things. I now take a lot more pictures so I have more to choose from and how to make a good picture better with editing!"

What you learn in Shoot Like A Pro

In 6 short lessons, I’ll show you the tactics professional photographers use to shoot, select, and edit photos to create truly stunning portraits that are both commercially successfully and artistically pleasing,

You’ll learn: 

  • Compositional rules of thumb. L-Shape Structure, Rule of Thirds, Symmetry, and how to break those rules.
  • Color Theory Basics. You'll start to see your world differently, noticing relationships of space and color
  • Negative Space/Positive form [or, how to see space as an object/form.]
  • The best time to take outdoor photographs. Once you learn when the blue, the red, the magic hours are and how they affect your photos, you'll never take a photo with bad natural lighting again.
  • The secrets of posing and posturing. Learn how to get your subjects to photograph like models in the frame.
  • Editing tips and tricks. The iPhone makes it easy to turn bad photos into good ones and good ones into great ones.
    -"This might have been the best part of the course for me. Lots of useful information, easy to follow what you’re doing."
  • The secret of lines. I teach you how to use horizontal and vertical lines for the best framing and/or architectural photographs.
  • A simple trick for finding things in your own backyard to take great photos of [your friends and loved ones, stunning landscapes, or flowers and candy bugs.]
  • Technology hacks. Using your iPhone like a telephoto lens isn't just about taking pictures from far away. I'll show you how to use this to take incredibly detailed close-up photos of smaller subjects.

These techniques and tactics are easy to apply, make a big difference, and learning them takes no time. 

It doesn't matter whether you want to capture great vacation memories, take photos to decorate your home with, or just want to be a better photographer.

Taking better photos makes you slow down, look, and truly appreciate nature.

Your typical photography class would not only require you to spend money on equipment but you'd also need to do the class on someone else's time and pay for it.

You could try to learn this on Youtube, but the information is scattered, incomplete, and lacking.

You could spend hundreds of dollars and several hours and still not come out with excellent photos...

Or you could just watch enroll in this short, simple, easy-to-follow course that teaches you everything that you need to know, without any extra fluff or filler. It's only $97 and it will be the most beautiful $97 dollars you ever spend.

In case it's not, then get your money back, no questions asked, within 30 days of the purchase date.

I'll be looking for you inside!

"I loved this course. Learned a lot and I’ve become more interested in photography. I think if someone took this course they would realize how powerful their phone's camera and software are and easily understand what makes good photography.  I’m certainly better at taking pictures with my phone. I even started an IG for my photography because of it!"

I want this!
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